USB – remote control of mouse pointer and text of a PC from LandTiger

For my project I choosed Mbed, an open source operating system made by Arm. It’s a good operating system for IoT and embedded systems in general. Apart from a very active community, it has a wide variety of supported boards that act like a plug’n play devices and are very convenient to program.

Ofcourse the LandTiger is not one of the supported boards.

Fortunately Mbed support a board called “mbed LPC1768” that, as you can probably guess, has the same processor as that of the LandTiger.

I will now guide you through the various steps needed to create a program, compile it and flash it in to the board.

As we will see to flash the program is a bit more complex than “usual”, but if you get used to it, it will only take a couple of minutes for the entire procedure.

What do you need:

  • A LandTiger board.
  • One or two serial cable (if you want to use the board as a USB function like a mouse or a Keyboard).
  • An Ulink 2 (or a cheaper USB to JTAG programmer) to flash your code into the board.
  • Keil uVision 4 (the free ediction is perfectly fine).
  • A good amount of patience.

Let’s see how to set everything


Simple Mouse:

Take me home, country roads:

Gotta catch’em all:

WiFi Keyboard:

Touch Keyboard and Trackpad:

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